Tetris Clone

The purpose of this Tetris clone was to test out the latest rewrite of my game engine. It was also the first complete game I had written in a few years, so think of it like a Hello World program. Unfortunately, it sucks. The game itself is decent enough (not including a few bugs), but the code architecture is very weak. It started out well enough, but I deviated from the core design too much and ended up creating too many class dependencies. Bah! Oh well, live and learn. I have since scrapped that engine entirely and written a new game engine from scratch, which I started in late 2004. It's much better. :)




  • Programming: David "Rez" Graham
  • Art: Sprite WorksTM
  • Sfx: Various free sound clip web sites


  • Language: C++
  • Line count: ~5400 across 24 source files
  • Dev Time: About 2 - 4 months total