This is a text-based blackjack game I wrote a while ago. There are no graphics at all and the interface is dirt simple. I started a new job in early 2005 and was inundated with boring training material. It was slow and painful, so I started writing this game for something to do. It's written in Perl so you'll need a Perl Interpreter. If you're on Windows, the best one out there is Strawberry Perl. If you want to run this game on Linux, you'll have to comment out the following line by placing a # in front of it:

my $clear = `cls`;

Then you need to uncomment this line by deleting the # in front of it:

my $clear = `clear`;

Download Here!


  • Programming: David "Rez" Graham


  • Language: Perl
  • Line count: ~450
  • Dev Time: About 10 hours total (8 for development, 2 for testing/tweaking)