The Raven and The Bunny

The Raven and The Bunny is a silly little scavenger hunt game. I wrote it as a birthday gift for my girlfriend at the time and as a way to test out a game engine I had been working on for a while. After my dissatisfaction with the Tetris clone, I decided that I needed to start over (again) and write a brand new engine from scratch. That's just what I did. In mid 2005, I started writing the Bleach engine and it's what I still use today. I finally created something that was modular and reusable. This is the first complete game written using the Bleach engine; everything before it was just a tech demo or a test program. I wrote it in 2007.

The game itself is extremeley cheesy. It's barely a game at all, more like a birthday card. In it, you play a raven off on a quest to find three items scattered around the world and return them to the bunny by the waterfall.

Download Here!



  • Programming, Design, Object Art: David "Rez" Graham
  • Character Art: Reiner "Tiles" Prokein
  • Environment Art: I wish I knew.... I snagged these images from a random "free tilesets" website.


  • Language: C++ & Lua
  • Line count: ~10,000 spread across dozens of source files
  • Dev Time: About 2 - 3 months for the game itself (the engine had been in development for 2+ years by then)