The Game Developer's Conference

The Game Developer's Conference (or GDC) is an annual conference centering around the games industry. It is for professioanl game developers, independant game developers, and students who want to learn more about the craft. There are dozens are talks put on by some of the top professionals in the industry. I've had the honor of speaking several times at this prestigious event.

Here are the things I have spoken about:
  • Turing Tantrums (2016)
  • AI Pre-Mortem: How to Approach Your AI Problems (2016)
  • Quick and Dirty: 2 Lightweight AI Architectures (2016)
  • AI Disaster Stories (2016)
  • Crackpot AI Devs: Unproven Game AI Techniques That Might Possibly Work (2016)
  • AAU Presents - The Path to Game Creation (2016)
  • Turing Tantrums (2015)
  • Simplest Trick in the Book (2015)
  • AI Disaster Stories (2015)
  • Creating Frankenstein's Monster (2014)
  • Turing Tantrums (2014)
  • Simplest Trick in the Book (2014)
  • Debug Visualization (2012)
  • Existential Crisis: Do We Really Need AI? (2012)
  • Tuing Tantrums (2012)
  • The Sims Medieval Post Mortem (2011)
  • AI Pr0n: Maximum Exposure of Your Debug Info (2011)

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